Referrals to my daycare

I would like to highly recommend Ilana's day care to the ISO community. My 20-month daughter went to Ilana's day care and she was always happy to see Ilana. My daughter has developed quite nicely during the time she spent with Ilana and we are sure that Ilana has huge contribution to her development. Ilana's day care is safe andoffers all the needs for young children. Ilana is very kind and warm person and she put so much energy and efforts into keeping the kids happy and busy. She sings and plays with the children and on nice days she takes them to play outside as well. She has plenty of experience with young children and we are sorry to leave this wonderful day care but we do need to relocate. (Merav)

We highly recommend Ilana's day care. Ilana offers a very special combination of warmth and love as well as a variety of stimulating activities. Our son is going there now and both he and us LOVE it! It is always a pleasure to see him get out of the car and head directly to Ilana's door where he gets a loving hug and after a quick bye bye immediately starts playing around. In fact, "nana" was one of his first words! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you want more details. (Vivian and Uri)

For many more referrals please stop by at the office.